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THM – Design Intent

You may be aware that I’m stepping in to host a podcast: The Hard Move, a PbtA analysis conversation. This is part of a series to keep me honest while moving forward over Season 2 (2020).

Part 1: Design Intent

The first and most important goal of The Hard Move is to live up to Season One. When I approached Matthew to take over the hosting of Season Two, it was because I loved what he was doing. There’s really no getting around that any change is going to fundamentally change the nature of the product (and my voice has always been one of my genuine nature, which makes it hard to imitate other people). So it was same, but different. What was done, but new. 

The Hard Move Season Two, in celebrating it’s PbtA roots, has 3 agendas: 

  1. Always speak with focus
  2. Always speak for the table
  3. Always speak with kindness

And from those, several principles: 

  1. Assume any episode could be someone’s first
  2. Invite people in to the conversation, don’t gatekeep with knowledge. 
  3. The play experience is valid, but not sacred
  4. Authorial intent is interesting, but can also eat farts 
  5. More is not always better
  6. Where you can’t find the joy, ask for it
  7. Where there is no joy to be found, depart immediately
  8. There is usually a better word choice than to swear
  9. Sometimes, nothing beats a good “fuck”
  10. Don’t steal the spotlight, but when you have it, SHINE

There are many decisions to be made. I’m hoping that this post will be here to anchor me when I need it. 

It’s gonna be a great ride. We’re gonna shine. 

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