Coin Laundries are a really interesting place to me. They’re a chore, they’re a duty, they’re obligation, but they’re also where I get a lot of my creative work done each week.

My local is in Brunswick, it’s a hipster laundry. You can pay by scanning a QR code. If you do buy tokens, they’re accepted as currency at both the local coffee shop and the bar next door. And in it, I saw two people meet.

They’d met before, I think, but they weren’t close. They’d forgotten names. They didn’t have anything beyond small talk. In fact, they seemed just comfortable being in their own space, but together. It spoke to me.

Tumbling is a two-player RPG to be played in about an hour with a deck of cards and the below Keeper. You and a friend each play as a patron of a coin laundry, and you represent your character’s needs, either for closeness, or space. It’s a game about having your own needs, and trying to understand the needs of another, and figuring out if you fit. If you play it, I’d love to hear about it! Get in touch with me.

Tumbling (WIP) – Current Playtest Keeper (Google Sheets)

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